Monday, November 07, 2005

Gothic Flavor. How I Miss You. If I Only Once Could Kiss You.

It seems all anyone ever does these days is bag on Weezer. Their last album sucked blah blah blah. Rivers is turning into a buddhist freak of nature blah blah blah. Why did they work with Rick Rubin? blah blah blah. Are they gonna break up? And so on and so forth. I say fuck the naysayers `cause they don't mean a thing. I love Weezer. I will always love Weezer. Wanna know why? Mainly because Ric Ocasek produced two of their albums; and seeing as how he holds the crown of 80's pop design and has influenced a ton of bands, really, who am I to argue with that. Plus, they made Pinkerton. Here's a little gem from June 2001 when Rivers and Co. spent time with the late, great John Peel @ The BBC Sessions. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Weezer: Take Control

Weezer: December

Weezer: Burndt Jamb

Weezer: December (L.A. Retouch)


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