Monday, October 17, 2005

Feels Like He's Getting Weak He Grabs His Coat And Starts To Leave

Blending a perfect mix of truly spacey programming & beats with a sharp new romantic pop style Marc Bianchi; essentially Her Space Holiday, has crafted a beautiful and colorful new album entitled The Past Presents The Future. Known for his remixing talents (R.E.M.,Bright Eyes) as well as his production work, Bianchi tends to write songs that end up being sharp observations of other people and their stories. Spending time in Austin & Dallas must have woken his inner voice because TPPTF has a more confessional, inner ear vibe to it. Essentially this man finds new ways of making clinical depression sound gorgeous. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Her Space Holiday: A Match Made In Texas

Her Space Holiday: Forever And A Day

Her Space Holiday: The Weight Of The World

I got to meet up with Chris yesterday afternoon/evening to check out The Like's in-store @ Good Records and subsequent opening slot at Gypsy Tearoom for The Kings Of Leon. I have to say I was more than impressed with The Like. They turned out a quick yet concise set of pure Cali fuzz-pop. Chris has some pix from the in-store performance, including one of yours truly with The Like.

The Like: What I Say And What I Mean


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Hit me up at I've been trying to email you a Lucy's Fur Coat track from a 45, but it keeps kicking it back to me. Do you have a different email address than the one on your profile? Holler at me!

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