Sunday, October 30, 2005

`Cause In 3 Days I'll Be Outta Here And It's Not A Day Too Soon

Alright kids, it's contest time here at Indoor Fireworks. Coinciding with Supergrass's new single St.Petersburg, the folks at Cornerstone Promotion have kindly donated several prizes in exchange for your correct answers to some trivia. Allow me to break it down for ya. There will be 2 winners:

1st Place: Limited edition Tinymeat "Road To Rouen" iPod case, Supergrass album, magnets, pins and a CD single (Kiss Of Life).

2nd Place: Supergrass album, magnets, pins and a cd single.

To qualify, answer this question: When did keyboardist Rob Coombes join Supergrass and is he older or younger than brother Gaz Coombes? The first 2 people to correctly email the answers to these questions will win! Bon chance!

For your listening/viewing (dis)pleasure:

Supergrass: St.Petersburg (video)

Supergrass: St.Petersburg (mp3)


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