Thursday, December 07, 2006

Looking Back At Sunsets On The East Side. We Lost Track Of The Time. Dreams Aren't What They Used To Be. Some Things Sat By So Carelessly.

When it comes to cover songs I can get very agitated very quickly. It's a gift, a treat if you will, to have the opportunity to commit to wax someone else's song. You're being given the chance to reinterpret another's words, their feelings and inner most secrets and when it's not taken with the utmost sincerity I lose it. I've slogged through many a Depeche Mode "tribute" album only to discover half-assed bands making half assed attempts at reworking classic songs. Butchering the soundtrack to my childhood if you will. So when I received a copy of The OC Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks I proceeded with caution. I mean let's be honest: it's The O.C. for fuck's sake. However, I can admit when I've made an error in judgement and this would be one of them. Culling together a fairly stellar group of artists ranging from Rogue Wave to Band Of Horses, COT successfully pairs these groups with songs that fit their style and sound. From the airy groove of Rock Kill's Kid's cover of Spoon's I Turn My Camera On and Rogue Wave's complete alt-reworking of the Pixies Debaser, there are plenty of choice tracks to rejoice over. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Tally Hall: Smile Like You Mean It

Band Of Horses: The End's Not Near

Rogue Wave: Debaser

Rock Kills Kid: I Turn My Camera On


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