Friday, November 03, 2006

You're All I Want. You're All I Want. You're All I'll Find. You Have My Heart Forever.

I am a firm believer in using your connections to get what you want in life. It's all about who you know and not what you know, right? In the case of San Diego's Future of Forestry, knowing someone who knows Ken Andrews is like having your birthday, Christmas, Hannukah, and Halloween all wrapped up in one giant package. For those not in the know, Andrews was 1/2 of Failure, a one man show in the excellent ON, and producer for such artists as Pete Yorn, Year of the Rabbit and countless others. Bringing his A game to their debut e.p. Andrews and the members of FOF mash together smooth, glossy production and cool, razor sharp songwriting. Incorporating the quieter moments of Deftones with the loud, crashing distortion of Andrews' rookie band Failure, FOF have laid down firm roots in the pop landscape. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Future Of Forestry: Stilled

Future Of Forestry: Open Wide

Future Of Forestry: All I Want


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