Monday, May 09, 2005

We're In Love With This Perverted World So C'mon!

I couldn't sleep last night. I tossed. I turned. I had strange dreams about Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis and the Michelin man. Ugh. Must've been those spicy chicken quesodillas. But I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the mix of things, excitement for "Gimme Fiction" contributed to my insomnia. That's right my lovelies! Tomorrow is the official release date for Spoon's new disc! To tide you over, here are some tracks off of their previously released gems. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

  • Paper Tiger

  • Something To Look Forward To

  • Back To The Life

  • Believing Is Art

  • Anything You Want

  • I Didn't Come Here To Die

  • Spoon tracks courtesy of Sixeyes. Go show them some love. Show zem!

    More tracks for your listening (dis)pleasure:

  • Interpol: Public Pervert (Carlos D Remix)

  • Eurasure: Love To Hate You

  • Gwen Stefani: Serious

  • Rilo Kiley: I Never (live in Norway)

  • I want this shirt. Badly.

  • allmusic's (4 1/2 star) review of


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    i have that spoon shirt. :) got it last time they came through town.

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