Tuesday, April 26, 2005

She Shone Up Bright Like A Knife, Wearing Tennis Shorts Made Of Stripes

Blur are planning to reunite with Graham Coxon for their next album. This just made my day. Heck, it just made my millenium.
(link courtesy of my new poptart Val) VAL!!!!!!

In honor of my new blogga buddy, for your listening (dis)pleasure:

  • Blur: Tender

  • Blur: Don't Bomb When You're The Bomb

  • Roxy Music: Heart Still Beating

  • Tricky: Maxinquaye

  • Radiohead: Everything In It's Right Place (remix)

  • Morrissey: First Of The Gang To Die (live)

  • The Shins: Turn A Square (live in Toronto 2005)

  • Thx to stereogum, Take Your Medicine, and Regnyouth for the links today. Go spend some time with them.


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