Monday, April 25, 2005

The Shit Is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Continuing in my recent No Doubt-ish posts, here's a great remix of Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For" courtesy of Devil In The Details

  • Gwen Stefani: What You Waiting For (Jacques Lu Cont Thin White Duke Vocal Mix)

  • Shall we keep today's posts "singles" only? No "albums?" I think so!

  • Beck: Broken Drum (Boards of Canada remix)

  • Brendan Benson: Jetlag

  • thx cellophanegirl

  • The Killers: Believe Me Natalie

  • Queens Of The Stoneage: I Never Came

  • Kelly Clarkson: Since U Been Gone

  • A.C. Newman: Miracle Drug

  • The Twilight Singers: Please Stay (Once You Go Away)

  • Make sure to cruise by Gorilla Vs. Bear when you get a moment. Great stuff abounds!

    Proof that record company execs have their heads firmly planted up their asses. First person to correctly identify the gentleman in the picture gets a limited edition Indoor Fireworks mix cd.


    Blogger Chris said...

    that would be...britt daniel? by the way, thanks for linking me...i will do the same!

    11:01 AM  
    Blogger Jesse a.k.a. The Vicar said...

    You are correct sir! One mix coming your way! Send me an email with your addy and i'll send it!

    12:44 PM  
    Blogger cellophanegirl said...

    Haha, what he is doing holding that stuff?!?! :)

    1:16 PM  
    Blogger Chris said...

    yes!! i never win anything!

    ...i know he did a remix of slow hands, so that's the only reason i would assume he would get one of those...who knows.

    1:39 PM  
    Blogger Jesse a.k.a. The Vicar said...

    Apparently, someone accidentally handed Britt the plaque instead of Paul Banks. Spoon is touring the UK with Interpol and word on the street is that Britt and Paul hang out and play poker a lot. I dunno. :shrug: Hey Cellophanegirl, seeing as how you responded as well, I'll send you a mix too! you can email me at and leave your address. Cool? Cool!

    2:37 PM  
    Blogger cellophanegirl said...

    Email sent! :)

    7:58 AM  

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