Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Did You Only Want Me For Those 3 Days?

Via Stereogum, I'm linking to the upcoming live Lucinda Williams album. You can stream the whole album or select tracks for your listening (dis)pleasure. This woman is such an utterly electrifying artist; live or on wax. If she swings by your favorite local venue, do yourself a favor. Go see her. You won't be disappointed.

Lucinda Williams: Live At The Filmore

I really don't think I could post anything to top Lucinda, so that's all for today my lovelies.

Epilogue: Ok, so I lied. I actually found something else that's just as good as live Lucinda Williams. Czech it:

  • Interpol: Slow Hands (Britt Daniel remix)

  • Now go over and see Cellophanegirl and thank her profusely for posting the track. Do it. Do it. Now.


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