Monday, February 26, 2007

You Think No One Understands A Word You Say But I Do. You're Beautiful Black Butterfly. You Say You Have To Touch The Sun. Then You'll Return To Me.

I like having low expectations of people. That way you can never set yourself up for disappointment. I admit it's a very safe, albeit boring way to live one's life but over the last few years it's suited me just fine. Take keyboardist/multinstrumentalist Money Mark for example. For years, he very ably recorded and toured with the Beastie Boys; laying down Hammond B-3 licks that added a little extra funk when they seemed destined to veer down a Dali Lama-ish path. He's put out a couple of lo-fi solo albums replete with jazzy experimentations and groovy dubs. But all of a sudden, out of left field, he drops Brand New By Tommorow (Brushfire Records) and totally blows me away. In stores 2/27, BNBT is an album that almost at once wraps it's warm vibe around you and threatens to smother the listener with layers of toasty goodness. Utilizing ace session musicians Carole Kaye (Beach Boys) and Jim Keltner (Travelling Wilburys, Michael Penn) to compliment his own contemporary take on Beatlesque melodies, Money Mark has quietly reinvented himself as a serious singer-songwriter. I don't forsee many aimless instrumental albums in his future. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Money Mark: Everyday I Day A Little

Money Mark: Color Of Your Blues

Money Mark: Pick Up The Pieces

Money Mark: Black Butterfly


I happen to have in my possession an extra copy of Money Mark's new album Brand New By Tommorow to give away. To win, simply reply in the comments section with your email address, telling me your favorite Beastie Boys track that has MM on it. I'll pick a winner this Friday. Bon Chance!



Anonymous Kenny said...

tough call! Either 'Groove Holmes' or 'In 3's' -- I have to go w/ 'In 3's'.

*address-3805 Los Feliz Blvd. # 2 Los Angeles CA 90027

11:24 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

I'd have to say "Shambala."

10:31 PM  

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