Saturday, February 17, 2007

If I Had All The Money In The World. Well I Would Change A Few Things. Like The Car And The House. And The Girl.

There are two things that strike you upon listening to the Winter Kids. First off, they are so English, so aristocratic in their sound that it practically bleeds out of your speakers. Secondly, they are damn good. Much much better than Art Brut and nearly as flawless as their predecessors in Pulp. With their debut album Memoirs (Hungry Kid) about to drop in the UK, Winter Kids are poised to bring their smart art pop Stateside with shows in NYC and SXSW. Wearing their youth and lovelorn hearts on their sleeves, WK's confidently weave together breezy melodies and pointy toed beats with great success. One of the better pop releases so far this year. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Winter Kids: Hear Me Out

Winter Kids: All The Money

Winter Kids: Somebody Else's Clothes

Winter Kids: Tape It


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