Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Of All The Churning Random Hearts Under The Sun, Eventually Fading Into Night. These Two Are Opening Now As We Lie, I Touch You Wonderful Alive.

I'd like to take a moment and thank The Shins. After the breakout success of their sophomore album Chutes Too Narrow caught everyone by surprise, I have no doubt pressure was applied to the band to enter a recording studio and pump out CTN II. While 3 years is a long time to wait for a worthy successor, James Mercer and Co. do not disappoint on the recently released and drop dead gorgeous Wincing The Night Away. Displaying a newfound maturity and love for Midi machines and 80's atmospherics, The Shins have taken the time to craft an extremely compelling and accomplished album. While the majority of the tracks leap out of your stereo with saccharine sweet hooks and clever lyrics, there are a handful of more somber numbers that require repeated doses. Don't delude yourself into believing negative reviews: unless Radiohead release their next album this year or The Arcade Fire's upcoming Neon Bible isn't as subpar as the tracks I've previewed suggest, WTNA is hands down the best release so far this year. For your highly recommended listening (dis)pleasure:

The Shins: Sleeping Lessons

The Shins: Girl Sailor

The Shins: Sea Legs

The Shins: Red Rabbits


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the positive review of Wincing... It's not gotten the praise it deserves. Song for song, I think it's the best Shins album to date.

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