Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ohhh Mexico. It Sounds So Sweet I Just Have To Go

Just wanted to say a quick goodbye. I won't be posting for the next 5 days or so because I'll be vacationing in Rosarito, Mexico. Rented a small house 3 blocks from the beach. I plan to have a Corona and or Negro Modelo in my hand at all times beginning at 9am everyday.

Here's the deck:

and another view from the deck:

and the beach down below:

hopefully I'll be able to do this:

but most likely will be doing this:

and a whole helluva lot of this:

Most importantly though, I will be listening to this song on repeat:

Dntel: (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chad (Safety Scissors Spilled My Drink mix)

¡Tome el cuidado mis amigos! Beberé mucho tequila y estaré pensando en usted como yo coloco en el sol y malgasto lejos los días.


Blogger Michael said...

Mmmmm....Negro Modela. ¡Deliciosa!

Happy vacationing.

8:30 PM  
Blogger Gilberto said...

NegrA modelo.

Unless you are hooking up with some male model.


1:00 AM  
Blogger cellophanegirl said...

sooo jealous :)

have fun go nuts!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Jesse a.k.a. The Vicar said...

pls excuse the misspelling. negra modelo. yes.

9:29 PM  

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