Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Relax Girl. Sip Some Of My Slurpee.

When I first heard In Search Of, the debut album by The Neptunes alter ego/side project (with high school friend/hanger-on Shay)N.E.R.D. I was hooked. Already a fan of their production work for just about everyone but God himself, this album took things to a more organic level, as they borrow heavily from classic soul, breakbeat aesthetics, and postmodern alt-culture, tying it together with live beats. It pretty much deliberately does everything that most modern rap does not do, and it's hard not to embrace it for that very fact. As every rock critic in the Western world has said in his review of the album, they originally released the record in Europe, then decided it was crap, withdrew it, re-recorded it with a live band, and then released it worldwide. I have the European version as well, and although it still ranks as a great album, it was a good move on their part to re-record it with the group Spymob. Even though the group is now defunct, it's still a pretty terrific listen and one of the most adventurous, intriguing hip-hop albums in a long, long time. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

N.E.R.D.: Lapdance

N.E.R.D.: Brain

N.E.R.D.: Am I High

N.E.R.D.: Stay Together

N.E.R.D.: Tape You

I don't usually take requests, but I couldn't pass this up:

The Killers: Mr. Brightside (Thin White Duke remix)


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