Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hold My Drink And Go Tell The DJ To Play

I normally don't post my guilty pleasures on this site, but after Chris got me all krunked up last night by posting possibly the sickest track Missy Elliott's ever done it was too late. I was already in a mood. Boomkat is comprised of the brother-sister duo of Kellin and Taryn Manning. With a slick, radio-ready sound that encompassed elements of trip-hop, urban soul, pop, and danceable hip-hop -- not to mention Taryn's star power as a burgeoning actress (Crazy/Beautiful, 8 Mile) -- Boomkat's seizure of the spotlight was almost inevitable. Basically, their music is crap to the Nth degree. I mean unless you're Prince don't try to substitute numbers for actually words. It doesn't work. But, it's perfect to listen to when you're getting ready to go out on a Saturday night. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Boomkat: What U Do 2 Me


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