Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'll Sing To You My Mewing Charm

If you're like me, you enjoy some wierd music every once in a while. And it doesn't get any wierder than Lovage, the side project of Dan The Automator,Mike Patton of Faith No More/Mr. Bungle, and Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields. Arguably both eccentric and at times unlistenable, Automator (in full on Handsome Boy Modeling School character Nathaniel Merriweather) and crew nonethless piece together a brooding but often darkly humorous journey through the dark side of the love life. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Lovage: Pit Stop (Take Me Home)

Lovage: Sex (I'm A)

Lovage: Stroker Ace

Lovage: Lies & Alibis

Now that you've been thrown for a loop, why not stay awhile. Have a drink. Bjork is here, singing in the piano lounge. No, you say? Well, see for yourself:

Bjork: Where Is The Line? (Fantomas remix)

Bjork: Human Behaviour (Close To Human mix)

Bjork: I Miss You (Photek remix)


Anonymous Anthony said...

The pleasure's mine. All mine.

These are good but "Lifeboat", "Strangers on the Train" and "Book of the Month" are even more fun on that disc!

I didn't know many people even knew about Lovage, but I often run into someone and they offer a similar response "Oh, I can't believe you know about them!"

12:51 AM  

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