Tuesday, April 19, 2005

We Are The Brutal Kind

I love it when everything kinda just randomly comes together. Just the other night I was in a discussion about how much I wish there were more programs on TV like the defunct Sessions At West 54th or the superb Austin City Limits. Seriously, we need more live music shows...and NOT $2 DOLLA BILL YA'LL. Mtv get off the air. So, imagine my delight upon arriving at youaintnopicasso this lovely AM and finding a live Austin City Limits show from none other than my fave indie popsters The Shins. Take a gander and as always, for your listening (dis)pleasure:

The Shins: Live on Austin City Limits

  • Pressed In A Book

  • Kissing The Lipsless

  • So Says I

  • Girl On The Wing

  • One By One All Day

  • When I Goosestep

  • Saint Simon

  • Young Pilgrims

  • Turn A Square

  • Girl Inform Me

  • The Celebate Life

  • Eating Styes From Elephants Eyes

  • Caring Is Creepy

  • Gone For Good

  • New Slang

  • Know Your Onion!

  • More (dis)pleasure for all me mates:

  • My Bloody Valentine: You Made Me Realize e.p.

  • Travis: B-Sides

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