Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Mix CD Exchange

Ok kids, who wants to try something fun? Here's the deal: I love making mix cd's for people. All kinds. Sometimes I feel like I can express myself better through other's songs than with my own words. I know some of you out there can attest to that. So, will I be arriving at a point soon? You bet. I like trading mixes with others to see how their minds work. I find it fascinating. Like John Cusak said in "High Fidelity": "It's not about who you are but about what music you listen to." Or something like that. So, I will post tracklistings for mixes I've made. If you like the looks of it, email me your address and I'll send a copy off to you. But you've got to send me one in return. K? K! Est vous prete? Commence!

Another Life Vol.1

With My Own Two Hands...Ben Harper
Live & Learn...The Cardigans
Somewhere Else...Travis
The Chauffeur...Duran Duran
Paper Tiger...Spoon
Most Of Us Prizefighters...A.C. Newman
Give Me Novacaine...Green Day
Tangled Up In Plaid...Queens Of The Stoneage
This Modern Love...Bloc Party
Public Pervert...Interpol
Not About Love...Fiona Apple
Indoor Fireworks...Elvis Costello
I Will Follow (live)...U2
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (cover)...Weezer
Saint Simon...The Shins
I Like It...Moby
Everything Will Be Alright...The Killers


Anonymous rj said...

oh my god, I love it.. can I have a copy? I'll send you a mixtape!

10:38 AM  

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