Tuesday, June 19, 2007

There Was Nothing Left To Anticipate. The Drive Over Was Better Than The Date. But Somehow I Still Can't Forget That Night.

Sometimes wearing your influences on your sleeves is a good thing. Take This Is Me Smiling, for instance. Combining a healthy dose of Ben Folds' humour and zing, a dash of Elliott Smith's wistful whisper, and a scoop of power pop emo and you've concocted a nice little debut album. With songs that surely translate well to the stage, TIMS come across as band that truly enjoys playing together. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

This Is Me Smiling: Feelin' The Time Pass By (highly rec'd!!)

This Is Me Smiling: Goodbye To Each New Day

This Is Me Smiling: Prettier (highly rec'd!!)

This Is Me Smiling: Mixin' Up Adjectives


If you're in Dallas tonight, make it a point to check out Land of Talk at The Cavern. I know I will.

Land Of Talk: Summer Special


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