Monday, May 21, 2007

Stop And Wait A Sec. Oh When You Look At Me Like That My Darling, What Did You Expect? I Probably Still Adore You With Your Hands Around My Neck.

I miss your laugh. That deep throated cackle that wore thin on some people, you told me once. How that's possible I have no idea. I adored it. The reason I bring this up is that I magine you laughing when I tell you how much I dig the new Arctic Monkey's album. "The Arctic Monkey's? You trendy prick" is how I imagine you responding. "But wait," I plead,eager to to change your mind. "This isn't the sophomore album you'd expect. It's dark and full of substance. A real leap forward for the group. No longer are their lyrics permeated with second hand recounts of mates nights out and rubbish birds. This is the real deal. Life through the eyes of of a band thrust unexpectedly into the limelight. Failed romances. Fleeting dailiances." I imagine you'd nod your head and slip the album into your stereo, eager to see if I'm preaching bullshit or the truth. But you know better than to second guess me. For your listening (dis) pleasure:

Arctic Monkeys: 505 (highly rec'd!!)

Arctic Monkeys: Fluorescent Adolescent (highly rec'd!!)

Arctic Monkeys: Brianstorm

Arctic Monkeys: Do Me A Favour (highly rec'd !!)


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