Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Won't Close My Eyes. When I Know That I'm Right. When I'm Drowning In Tears. I Won't Turn Off My Light

Before they started hocking commercialized (albeit pretty damned good) cover versions of Neil Diamond and Jimmy Cliff songs, UB40 were actually a fairly formidable act in the UK. Mixing culturally concious yet dub laden tracks, UB40 stormed the charts in the late 70's early and 80's with snapshot songs about the dreary state of affairs in England. I'm not sure if they were specifically looking to break through in the states with Labour Of Love but whatever the case their reggae sounds flooded my 5th grade bedroom and haven't really left since. Delving into their back catlologue, I was intorduced to this gem of a compilation which expertly chronicles their pre-red wine days with singles and extended versions and remixes of some of their better singles. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

UB40: One In Ten (highly rec'd!!)

UB40: Food For Thought

UB40: I Won't Close My Eyes (highly rec'd!!)

UB40: I've Got Mine (Extended Version)


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