Sunday, March 11, 2007

We Only Said Goodbye With Words, I Died A Hundred Times. You Go Back To Her, And I Go Back To Black.

I don't think my heart was ready for Amy Winehouse. Listening to her sophomore album Back To Black (Universal) over the last couple of days, I kept coming back to one thought: this woman really is in pain. And the worst kind at that: the heartwrench of love lost. Nevermind all the attention being paid to her rabid drinking; Winehouse is flat out one of the best soul singers to come on the scene in the last several years. I don't know anyone who can convey the dark feelings of having your heart ripped out with such authority and such grandeur. Shifting from the jazzy stylings of her debut album Frank, AW decided to tap into her love for 60's girl groups and filter it through her decidely knock down drag out gorgeous voice. Part Nina Simone, part Lauryn Hill and all boozy lust, Winehouse along with producers Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi, have put together one of the first must have albums of the year and a whopper of a challenge for female singers in 2007: top this. If you can. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Amy Winehouse: Just Friends

Amy Winehouse: Back To Black

Amy Winehouse: You Know I'm No Good

Amy Winehouse: Wake Up Alone

Also, be sure to check out Amy Winehouse at SXSW this year!


Anonymous Queen of Suburbia said...

Totally agree with your comment about Amy at SXSW...I just watched her performance of Back to Black and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Spellbinding.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Torry said...

Spot on... The first singer I can truly just sit, drink, and sympathize with. Good stuff.

6:13 PM  

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