Monday, November 28, 2005

You Are What You Love. And Not What Loves You Back.

I wasn't planning on posting any tracks off of Jenny Lewis' upcoming fantastic solo debut Rabbit Fur Coat. I mean I'd seen at least 3 other blogs gush about her already and here at Indoor Fireworks I really try hard to present bands/singers that I like as opposed to what's trendy at the moment. But I just couldn't resist this time. Her full time gig in Rilo Kiley always straddled the line between indie pop and alt. country, but on RFC Miss Lewis fully embraces her countrified pop roots. A stunning display of songwriting coupled with a soft touch on production has lead to a near perfect debut and a guaranteed spot on next year's top album list. Watch for the Top 15 albums of 2005 coming this week! For your listening (dis)pleasure, my favorite 3 songs off of RFC:

Jenny Lewis: Happy

Jenny Lewis: You Are What You Love

Jenny Lewis: Big Guns


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