Sunday, November 27, 2005

Check It. Since Fifteen Hunderd And Sixteen. Minds Attacked And Overseen. Now Crawl Amidst The Ruins Of This Empty Dream.

Before 3/4 of them joined Chris Cornell to form the plodding & pointless Audioslave, and before lead singer Zach de la Rocha pulled a Houdini and fell off the face of the earth there was the unstoppable juggernaut of sound that was Rage Against The Machine. Mixing together politically charged raps with funky and often bone crushing grooves, these 4 Los Angelinos managed to, in the course of 6 years or so change the face of rock radio. With sporadic album releases and live shows fretted with tension, RATM perfectly mixed their emotions into a Molotov cocktail of punk, hip-hop, and thrash before splitting up in late 2000. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in 1993; my ears are still ringing. For your listening (dis)pleasure, here are select tracks from their appearance at Coachella in 1999:

Rage Against The Machine
Live At Coachella
Indio, CA

Rage Against The Machine: Testify

Rage Against The Machine: Killing In The Name

Rage Against The Machine: Guerilla Radio

Rage Against The Machine: Bombtrack

Rage Against The Machine: People Of The Sun

Rage Against The Machine: Bullet In The Head


Blogger Kevin said...

"Plodding and pointless." That's perfect. This may inspire me to post the CD single b-side "Clear the Lane" in the not-too-distant future. Good stuff!

1:54 AM  
Blogger S.M.T. said...

I LOVED Rage back in the day. Thanks for these tracks.

2:21 PM  

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