Monday, September 26, 2005

You Promise You Promise You're Done. But I Can't Tell You From The Drugs

I'm in Chicago for a couple days, lamenting my absense from Austin City Limits. But I think I'll manage to get over it seeing as how I got to catch a game yesterday at Wrigley Field. Hey batta batta sa-wiiiiing batter! He can't hit he can't hit he can't. So choice. Anyhoo, I spent some time wandering through the Virgin Megastore they have here and found a copy of the iTunes only(?) Jimmy Eat World e.p. "Stay On My Side Tonight." What a great little slice of J.E.W. heaven, including a great remix of the Futures standout track Drugs Or Me. If you've never seen J.E.W. live, well you should hurry up and rectify that. If you have, you know how explosive they are. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Jimmy Eat World: Stay On My Side Tonight

Jimmy Eat World: Disintergration

Jimmy Eat World: Drugs Or Me (Styrofoam remix)


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