Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Strange News From Another Star

New Radiohead album due early 2006?

News from the “unorganized" recording sessions for Radiohead’s new album have indicated the band may well have a new album out sometime in February or March next year.

A new report on Radiohead fansite ateaseweb confirms early reports that claimed that the band were working on the follow up to 2003’s album ‘Hail To The Thief’. According to the site, Radiohead are working on fifteen songs at present with two of them described as "Already done and amazing."

“The band first got together back in January and Thom [Yorke] played a bunch of his new songs for the others,” the report reads, “Having never heard the songs before, the rest of the band just jumped in and started adding their own parts.”

The recording process itself is described as being "unorganized" and is reportedly very different to the way that Radiohead have previously recorded.

The report goes on to predict that the new album should be finished by December this year, with a release date in February or March 2006 roughly pencilled in. As for touring, it claims the band will possibly hit the road shortly after.

At Thom Yorke's recent solo performance at the Trade Justice Movement rally in London he debuted one new song, 'House of Cards' which also surfaced online at ateaseweb

In other fab news, take a gander at Spoon's live performance on KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" with Nic Harcourt. Britt Daniel rawks out so hard he loses his headphones! I know! Crazy!


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