Monday, April 11, 2005

Why Not Start With Yourself!

"I've always wanted to smash a guitar over someone's head. You just can't do that with a piano." -- ELTON JOHN

DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE are in Seattle mixing "Plans," their major-label debut. Due in September, the album will feature more of what made the indie rockers famous: melancholy love songs. "I was telling myself, 'I'm going to stop writing depressing songs,'" singer BEN GIBBARD told Rolling Stone. "I wrote a love song for my lady -- really sweet -- but then I played it for her and she was like, 'This song is fucking sad!' . . . I tried."

The SHINS took a break from recording the follow-up to 2003's "Chutes Too Narrow" to launch a U.S. tour last night in Portland, Oregon. The indie rockers' increased profile, thanks to the "Garden State" soundtrack, will not cause them to speed up the recording process. "I want to get back to a slow, painstaking process of production," singer JAMES MERCER told Rolling Stone. "I suppose we should get it out right now, but it's probably good to let all those people forget about us."

Once again, Regnyouth posts `em, & I pick thru `em. Enjoy:

Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls Remixes
Beck - Live & Weird
Kelly Clarkson - Since You Been Gone (Jason Nevins Ambient Candlelight Mix)
Kelly Clarkson - Since You Been Gone (Jason Nevins Rock Da Club Edit)
Les Savy Fav - Rome (Written Upside Down) EP
Stereophonics - Word Gets Around 2
U2 - Vertigo Tour's First Stop (San Diego, CA)
Various Artists - Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Various Artists - Repo Man Soundtrack 2
Weezer - SS2K
Ben Folds - Rocking the Suburbs
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Depeche Mode - Remixes 1981-2004
Prince - Funky Party Tonite (Great live show circa late 80's)
Gorillaz - Demon Days 2 (NEW ALBUM ALERT!!!! NEW ALBUM ALERT!!!)
Gorillaz - Gorillaz
Coldplay - Talk (Kraftwerk-ian track off the forthcoming album "X&Y")
Bright Eyes - Digital Ash In a Digital Urn
Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
Incubus - Live in New York City


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