Tuesday, April 11, 2006

There's Some Things In This World. I Haven't Heard.

It's contest time again kiddies and this time Vice & Indoor Fireworks have a doozy for ya! From Vice's email. Czech it out:

"Damn, we're good at this. Remember that band Envelopes we told you about a little while ago? The Swedish/French indie rock band that that no one had heard of? Well check them out now:

We went to their first U.S. gig ever at the Mercury Lounge and were impressed with how they fluidly mix guitar blasting rock with perfect pop songs which made us think of bands like Pavement and the Pixies. With killer sets at SXSW and the release of their debut album Demon earlier last week, Envelopes have proven their fresh, inventive music can win over the most discerning music lovers."

Still haven't heard of them? You can check out their single here:

Envelopes: Sister In Love

And dazzle your eyes with this video:

Envelopes: Sister In Love

Now that you're placated for the moment, here are the contest details:

The winner will receive an Envelopes prize pack consisting of The Demon cd, Sister In Love vinyl 7", and a whole stash of buttons. Winner will be picked at random, email The Vicar at indoorfireworksonline@gmail.com with "Gimme Envelopes" as the subject and let me know how much you want it. `Cause you know you do, you bad, bad little monkey.


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