Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In Time You'll See That Some Things Travel Faster Than Light. In Time You'll Recognize That Love Is Larger Than Life.

One of the finest singer/songwriters of his generation, Neil Finn has had quite a storied career so far. After spending quality time in Kiwi art rockers Split Enz, Finn left the comfort zone of his brother Tim and formed the more pop contempo Crowded House. Having produced some of his finest work during the CH years,he then disbanded the group and went on his now current solo jaunt. In this short amount of time Finn has managed to not only write some of the finest pop gems of the last 25 years, but also gain the respect and admiration of many of his peers. When he needs a back up band to play a string of shows in his native New Zealand he calls on these people: Eddie Vedder, Johnny Marr, Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway (Radiohead), Lisa Germano (John Mellencamp), & Sebastien Steinberg (Soul Coughing). And you know what? They come running. I don't don't know of too many other people that command that kind of power aside from maybe Bruce Springsteen or The Who. The following four tracks were culled from a live performance Neil did on the now defunct Sessions At West 54th. Filmed/recorded after the release of his classic solo debut Try Whistling This, Neil & his band run through laid back versions of some of his best songs. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Neil Finn: Try Whistling This (live)

Neil Finn: I Got You (live)

Neil Finn: Faster Than Light (live)

Neil Finn: Loose Tongue (live)


Anonymous Beth said...

Awesome page, i must say. Neil Finn is really awesome.

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Anonymous Hamilton-Selway Fine Art said...

Thanks Neil Finn! this is very inspirational to us. :-)

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