Monday, March 20, 2006

The Water, It's A Bad Friend. It'll Hurt Like The Shit You Left. It'll Love You `Til You Claw For Air.

For those of you that frequent Indoor Fireworks you pretty much know the drill: each post focuses on a single artist or band. No more. No less. Tonight however, things will be slightly different. Here are several bands that I've been digging over the course of the last month that I would like to share with you...mid-month round-up stylee. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Dig Radiohead? A big fan of Steely Dan? Then check out the eclectic stylings of Portland, Oregon's Kieskagato. "This band is a musical anomaly- elements of rock, jazz, latin, avant garde, and electronica come together in unexpected but musically pleasing ways. Horn sections materialize and decay; dynamics fluctuate from the slightest trickle of sound to a rushing torrent and back again." Dig it:

Kieskagato: Thursday

Kieskagato: Well Then Alright

A pop sheen doesn't always have to be a bad thing. In the case of The Working Title it actually works in their favor. Employing a tightly wound talent for writing insanely catchy singles, lead singer/guitarist Joel Hamilton bares his heart and spleen in the band's debut single:

The Working Title: The Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything)

One album that hasn't left my stereo since I received it is The Mean Way In by Division Day. Mixing equal parts obscure lyrics and oblique melodies, DD capitalize on their tight rhythm section to achieve perfect fuzz-pop bliss:

Division Day: Worker Sleeper

Division Day: Leveler

And last but not least I leave you with the decadent sounds of Point Juncture, WA. Sounding like members of Stereolab, Lush, and Portishead playing "7 Minutes In Heaven" in a closet (oh, come on. you remember), this Washington quintuplet pull off what every other band has been attempting to do all year: sound like The Arcade Fire without actually trying:

Point Juncture, WA: Seven

Point Juncture, WA: Cello


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