Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stutter Like A Vampire. 10 Minutes Before Day Break.

So, truth be told I wasn't planning on posting anything today. I'm heading off to Cabo San Lucas for a couple of days and had wanted to use some of that time to put together my next round of featured artists. But then I received an email from lead singer/guitarist Brian Gray of The Pine Club. Here's how it read:

For starters, I am a fan and reader of your blog. So cheers to you!
Just wanted to give you a head's up on The Pine Club's web only FREE CD
release "Last Frame". It is a farewell also. As of the end of February we
will no longer be a band. Long story short, we were a Louisville, Ky based
band that had some regional success with touring behind our previous album
release. Due to band members moving, etc, we have decided to call it quits.
But we were able to record a brand new record in January and just want as
many people to be able to hear it as possible."

After heading on over to their site to take a listen to their album I came to this one conclusion: who am I to deprive anyone of the pop joy on display here? Blending the better qualities and pop sensibilities of Material Issue, Matthew Sweet, and Kentucky's own Superdrag, Last Frame is a superbly written, played, and self-produced album. Sucks for us though that it's their swan song. They're very graciously offering up the album as a free download so do yourself and them a favor and spread the love. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

The Pine Club: Lovers

The Pine Club: Vampire

The Pine Club: Last Frame Of The Film


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Good stuff-I like it.

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