Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Don't Understand About Diamonds And Why Men Buy Them. What's So Impressive About A Diamond Except The Mining?

I just couldn't bear to watch it. Seeing her in such an unsettling enviornment, filled with drunk frat boys and trendy girls from the GAP. Talking to my brother the week before in L.A. confirmed it. "Well, how was Fiona Apple? Did she pull off a good show?" "I dunno man. We missed everything but the last 2 songs." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Sorry bro, the girls wanted beer." Such a trite explanation from such a smart kid. I guess it runs in the family. I kindly returned my tickets for the upcoming Dallas show and headed for the warm beaches Mexico instead. But I brought her with me. And I listened. I listened while I stared at the ocean; the sun a warm embrace around my body. I listened while the moon and marina lights danced across the bay like butterflies performing their own serenade just for me. I let Fiona get under my skin like never before. Even deeper than the sliver of glass that cut me so deep I bled straight through for 2 days. And somehow just hearing her and the haunting melodies she creates made it seem like I hadn't missed anything at all. And maybe I hadn't. But as it stands now, I will never know. But I can always dream. For your listening (dis)pleasure, my 2 favorite songs off of Extraordinary Machine in both leaked and final versions. Enjoy:

Fiona Apple: Red Red Red (leaked version)

Fiona Apple: Red Red Red

Fiona Apple: Oh, Sailor (leaked version)

Fiona Apple: Oh, Sailor


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