Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What The Vicar Is Spinning At Work Volume 1

So, I've decided to make what I'm listening to at work into a series. I'll call this Volume 1. For your listening (dis)pleasure, more of "What The Vicar Is Spinning At Work" Volume 1:

Spoon: Revenge!

Rilo Kiley: My Slumbering Heart

Liz Phair: Why Can't I

Incubus: Warning

The Sugarcubes: Hit

Muse: Bliss

Muse: In Your World (live)

Beastie Boys: Ch-Check It Out (Tribute To Exar mix)

The Rolling Stones: Dead Flowers

Stereolab vs. Gwen Stefani: Whop Hop Waiting For?

John Foxx: Burning Car Go right now to Silence Is a Rhythm Too to read a great write up and grab more mp3's from Ultravox's original singer. If you're a fan of old O.M.D. you will want to hear these tracks.

On a side note, GrapeJuicePlus has mp3's of a band I hadn't thought about/listened to in ages: Nation of Ulysses. If you like punk, you'll totally dig this band:

Nation of Ulysses: Cool Senior High School

Nation of Ulysses: Diptheria


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