Monday, June 06, 2005

So Take Your Poison Silently. Let Me Be. Let Me Close My Eyes.

Before she fell off the face of the earth (ie: started putting out mediocre solo albums) Natalie Merchant rose to greatness in a band called 10,000 Maniacs. Blending graceful execution and pure listenability, the Maniacs churned out 7 albums before Merchant bolted for the door. Long considered to be their breakthrough album and creative high point, In My Tribe offers a survey of social concerns, all tackled subtly and tastefully without too much preaching. Translation: a great album to sing along to in high school while having a bonfire at the beach drunk out of your mind on Zinfandel and trying to score with the cute girl one grade above you. Ummm...nevermind. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

10,000 Maniacs: What's The Matter Here

10,000 Maniacs: Hey Jack Kerouac

10,000 Maniacs: Like The Weather

10,000 Maniacs: Don't Talk

I'm still not sure if I'm completely sold on this total rip off of Terri Nunn & Berlin. Lemmeknowwhatchuthink:

Kelly Osbourne: One Word


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