Monday, May 23, 2005

Man, You Really Freak Me Out. I'm So Afraid Of You.

The White Stripes: My Doorbell

I love love LOVE this track from Jack & Meg's forthcoming album "Get Behind Me Satan." Yeah Jack! Put down the guitar! Tickle the ivories a bit! I wonder what Val thinks.

You can stream the whole disc over at Scenestars.

Dodge isn't a fan of the new Weezer jawn. While I agree that some parts of the album are emotional fluff, how can anyone deny the new wave brilliance that is This Is Such A Pity? Anyone? Bueller?

Coming July 29-30th is San Diego's annual attempt to hang with the big boys a.k.a. Street Scene. Check out this stellar line up. Best part? It's being held right across the street from where I live! Pre-party at The Vicar's! Yeah!

Matt has a great live Killer's show from ze place zey call Berlin. You have to download the whole show in it's entirety, but I promise it's well worth the loss of space on your hard drive.

Michael over at Silence Is A Rhythm Too absolutely just made my day with his choice of tracks. I've been obsessed with the track "1 Thing" by Amerie for a while now. The production on this song is so damned tight, and even though her voice isn't the strongest around it still has something that pulls you in. Plus the beat just slays me. For your listening (dis)pleasure, the "1 Thing" remix featuring J-Hova:

Amerie: 1 Thing (remix featuring Jay-Z)

Also, check out newcomer Nicole Wray's minimalist non-cover of my most favorite Prince song title:

Nicole Wray: If I Was Your Girlfriend

For shits & giggles: take this personality test. NOW.


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Okay so I dont love the new Stripes album but I do like "My Doorbell".

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