Thursday, March 10, 2005



Part 1: Thom was on the official site's message board last night, saying they're back to work.

": Have a cookie.


would be a bad idea

hey weve started work.(speaking of cookies)

no really. "

Part 2: Last week At Ease reported on 'Kid A' at Apple's iTunes store, Thom commented on that as well. Just like the 'The Bends', the album disappeared from the store after only a short period of time. Tchocky made mention of zis leetle beet ov info:

"vee shall make zem PAY for zer mistake. ha ha ha. they vill never get avay viz ziss. vee are verrry verrry precious about are little KID A yu know and also zee others and you mr job jobs are no exception ya?

unbundle zis KID A record anda vee vill unbundle yor face.

H HA HA ha HA ha HA ha ha



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