Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Don't Confuse Effort With Accomplishment

Someone needs to have no talent ass clown/ ex-Libertine Pete Doherty committed right away.


My favorite Canadian besides myself Valerie @ Rock Snob has a link to the new Coldplay jawn "Talk" here:

**edit: So the link doesn't work, eh? The track is over at Scenestars (much ado to Matt at Y.A.N.P.)

Not that anyone really gives a shizz, but the most boring couple in Hollywoood are giving it another go:

Oh for the love of Paul (Hewson)....spare us!

Not that any of you would know, but I have an evil twin. Yep. His name is Seth Green. Yes, the same Seth Green that starred in all the Austin Powers flicks as Scott Evil. We look the same (except I'm waaaay more sophisticated and refined) and he made my college years a living hell lemme tell you, but has since made up for it. Click on the link below to watch 2 clips from his outrageously funny new stop-motion show "Robot Chicken" airing on Adult Swim.

Here's a link to the new Eels album. I fell in love with their second disc "Electro-Shock Blues" instantly. How can someone write such beautiful melodies coupled with stark, horrific, and downright depressing lyrics? Case in point: "It's A Motherfucker." Godamnit if that song doesn't make me break down every single time I give it a spin. Anyway, the jury's still out on this new disc. I need some more time with it. Maybe a nice grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup as well. Anyone hungry?

The Eels - Blinking Lights and Other Revelations (thx again Y.A.N.P.)


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