Monday, February 28, 2005

This Should Kill About 5 Minutes...Plus The News

Make sure to "text" Lindsay Lohan & Ashlee Simpson. Holla bitch!

Morrissey continues his journey from out under a rock with a new live release.

Ok. I love The Foo Fighters. I really do. I also love when Dave Grohl guests on other artists albums like QOTSA, Probot, and Backbeat Band. I DO NOT, however like it when, in addition to getting Josh Homme and John Paul Jones to appear on the Foo's upcoming double jawn, he enlists the talents of none other than...Norah Jones? I think my balls just shriveled up into my body.

My other favorite Scots Teenage Fanclub are releasing a new disc this year! ( the other being Travis, silly!)

The Killers decide to forgo releasing the best track off of "The Hot Fuss" here in the US, and instead give those lucky limey's "Smile Like You Mean It." Sod off!

Here are some tracks from the never-to-be-released Fiona Apple album "Extrodinary Machine" courtesy of, well fricken every blogger online. But I will give a shout out to my most excellent holmes Dodge over at My Old Kentucky Blog (

And now, another 5 minute time waster: How well do you know Radiohead? If anyone can score higher than "Hail To The Chief" which I did, I'll send you an amazing Radiohead mix of live, b-side and cover songs. A 13records exclusive!


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