Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Drop It Like It's Tuesday: New Releases

Get thee to a record store now:

Brendan Benson
The Alternative to Love
Detroit-based pop singer/songwriter Brendan Benson delivers his third album "The Alternative to Love" this week. Like his previous cult classic "Lapalco," it's a sharp, tightly-constructed collection of classicist guitar-pop, and it proves that Benson is arguably the finest practitioner of power-pop this decade.

Bloc Party
Silent Alarm
One of the most-hyped British bands in recent memory (and that's saying something), Bloc Party lives up to the publicity with "Silent Alarm," an album that's equally arty and passionate.

Queens of the Stone Age
Lullabies to Paralyze
Queens of the Stone Age's frontman Josh Homme kicked out his longtime partner Nick Oliveri just as the band was ready to record "Lullabies to Paralyze," their followup to their 2002 breakthrough "Songs for the Deaf." Oliveri may be gone — as is Dave Grohl, who drummed on "Deaf" — but QOTSA is stronger than ever on "Lullabies," a dark, moody masterpiece that towers above all hard rock albums released this year.

Louis XIV
The Best Little Secrets Are Kept
Louis XIV aren't for the faint of heart. More like for the filthy of heart and dirty of mind as they tear their way through their major label debut "The Best Little Secrets Are Kept" like a marauding bands of over-sexed middle school pirates. Plus they're from my hometown of San Diego and that's gotta count for something, right? RIGHT?

Oooo on the TLC tip:

Bright Eyes - Live & Unreleased
Fountains of Wayne - Café de la Danse
Bob Marley - Live at the Apollo, New York, 1979
Superdrag - In the Valley of Dying Stars
Foo Fighters - Live & In Concert
Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
The Killers - Mr. Brightside Maxi Single
The Postal Service - Rare, Extra & Unreleased Tracks
Radiohead - Concert in New Orleans
Whiskeytown - Pneumonia

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From Dodge:

Snoop & Pharell - Drop It Like It's Hot (Remix)

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