Thursday, March 17, 2005

Attention Sil Vous Plais!

For your listening (dis)pleasure, here's Coldplay's recent secret gig at The Troubador in Santa Monica, CA.

01 Square One.mp3
02 In My Place.mp3
03 White Shadows.mp3
04 The Scientist.mp3
05 Daylight.mp3
06 Sparks.mp3
07 A Message.mp3
08 Clocks.mp3
09 What If.mp3
10 Politik.mp3
11 Speed of Sound.mp3
12 Yellow.mp3

Enjoy! Have a green beer for me `cause it's my birthday! Go Vicar! It's ya birfday! We gon' party like it ya birfday! We gonna drink Bacardi like it's ya birfday! And you know we don't give a fuck it's not ya birfday!

But in this case, it really is!


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