Monday, November 05, 2007

I Think Too Much. The Alphabet, They Dance A Pirouette In My Head. A Chance Remark, Becomes The Spark. And Maybe Luck Has Come Again.

This really had all the makings of a stellar album. Melancholy subject matter, languid melodies, and a yearning for paradise lost. After all, Time On Earth is Crowded House's first album of new material in over 11 years. Spurred on after the untimely death of founding Paul Hester, Neil Finn & Nick Seymour decided to take their pop legacy for another spin and while slightly uneven, TOE isn't quite the reunion album CH fans had hoped for. After all, Finn has been on a successful run as of late, what with his two amazing solo and one live album showcasing a more darker, window stained sound that seemed like a naural progression for his trademark dreamy pop. So, while not exactly a throwaway collection by any means, TOE assembles a batch of songs that don't immediately grab the listener as quickly the way past albums reached out for you. Also sorely missing is the humor Hester brought to the equation, leaving the rest of the band trying to deal with a glaringly obvious hole in their sound. Still though, if you were ever a fan of CH in the past, you guranteed to find something to latch onto. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Crowded House: Say That Again (highly rec'd!!)

Crowded House: Nobody Wants To

Crowded House: Silent House (highly rec'd!!)

Crowded House: Transit Lounge


a) Finn wrote "Silent House" with and for the Dixie Chicks. Here's their version off of Taking The Long Way:

Dixie Chicks: Silent House

b) Finn sang back up on one Sheryl Crow's most popular tracks. Really. She's since returned the favor on his 2nd solo effort One Nil.

Sheryl Crow: Everyday Is A Winding Road