Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Half Of You Is Heavenly, Showin' Off Your Purity. The Rest Of You Is From The Stream, Like A Land Where They Both Meet.

Sometimes. coming back to something you love is hard after you've been away for awhile. An abundance of questions begin to swirl in your fervent mind; like do I still have anything worthwhile to say? Does anybody even care that I've been gone? And more importantly will what I say be as good as the things I've said in the past? Feel free to jump into the nightmare...the water's warm. I've discussed many times before the sophomore slump that artists face after encountering the unexpected runaway success of their debut album and I can only imagine singer/songwriter KT Tunstall going through at least some kind of ego torture exercise while recording her follow up album Drastic Fantastic. Sometimes coming across as over eager, DF still manages to balance and showcase Tunstall's strong talents in melodies and saccahrine sweet choruses. There are plenty of melancholic moments on display, chronicling her loopy rise from virtually unknown coffee house strummer to VH1's It Girl. Stronger tracks like the mellow tear jerker White Bird capture this expertly, while more uptempo songs like the "I'll show you!" of If Only keep the album from wallowing in self pity. While not exactly the pitch perfect follow up fans might have been expecting, Tunstall definetely shows that while she stumbled slightly in her ideas with this one, she's still going to pick herself up and try again. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

KT Tunstall: White Bird

KT Tunstall: Little Favours

KT Tunstall: Saving My Face

KT Tunstall: If Only