Saturday, September 09, 2006

Attention I Can Hardly Stand. Move Up Real Close But Don't Hold My Hand. They Will Never Understand. You Be My Girl, I'll Be Your Man.

Oh, Simon Dawes. What a glorious pop mess you are. Imagine Donald Fagen of Steely Dan writing lyrics for Wilco instead of Jeff Tweedy and you're halfway to witnessing how SD's debut album Carnivore shimmies it's way through psychedelic folk cock rock. Sandwiched in between crackling melodies and razor tight hooks are four young men who proudly wear their influences on their sleeves; to great effect. Whether you're a fan of Spoon's more adventurous leanings or The Beatles Abbey Road period this album is a definite gem of an addition to your collection. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Simon Dawes: Save Your Ticket

Simon Dawes: Got A Light?

Simon Dawes: Behind The Bleachers

Simon Dawes: Salute The Institution


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