Saturday, June 24, 2006

But Even Then It Sounds So Soothing. To Mix A Drink And Sink Into Oblivion.

Possessing a hybrid rock and soul sound that leaves the listener with no choice but to stomp and clap along, Fullerton, CA's Cold War Kids e.p. Up In Rags is currently running amok on my stereo system. With influences ranging from Clinic to a more funkier Jeff Buckley, CWK nearly caused me to burn my house down last night. Deep into a bottle of scotch, I retreated to the backyard to light some candles and perform my own version of an exorcism. Good thing a hose was in nearby proximity. Thank you CWK for brightening my evening and my lawn. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Cold War Kids: Hang Me Up To Dry

Cold War Kids: Saint John

Cold War Kids: We Used To Vacation


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