Tuesday, August 16, 2005

So Let's Go To Barcelona. We Will Be Noted For Our Absence. Deep In Ocean Blues Of Absinthe. Making Love In Our Coronas.

Recorded in just four days with an all star backing band of Nashville session giants Anton Fig, Steve Cropper, & Spooner Oldham; Honeycomb is one of Frank Black's most intimate collections of songs, and the closest he's come to a traditional singer/songwriter solo album. On paper, Black might not seem like the likeliest fit with Cropper, Fig, et al., but the early-rock roots of the Pixies' mutated surf-punk-pop and the country and roots rock flirtations of his later career suggest otherwise. Honeycomb's songs feel tailored to the experience of recording in Nashville with these musicians, and have a sophistication that Black might not have been able to get with another group of players. For your listening (dis)pleasure, here a re some of my favorite tracks off of Honeycomb:

Frank Black: My Life Is In Storage

Frank Black: Honeycomb

Frank Black: Violet

Frank Black: Strange Goodbye


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