Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"You're Losing, You're Losing, You're Losing Your Vitt-ah-min C..."

I have to admit, I'm not as cool as you all think I am. Yeah I know: SHOCKER! ;) But in all honesty I sometimes am slightly behind the ball when it comes to the uber-hip quotient and all that shizz. Case in point: Can & Autechre. The only reason I found out about these two groups was that I had read an interview several years back where Thom Yorke cited them as direct influences during the writing and recording of Radiohead's Kid A. After that, my thought process went something like zis: "Hmmm. I love Kid A. So why wouldn't I love these two groups?" Was I right? Sorta. Did I foster an instant obsessive love for all things Can? You betcha. Did I find it hard to sit still and listen to what sounded like two men in straight jackets and laptops throw themselves around a junkyard for an hour? Sorta. But I still dug some of Authechre's stuff. Here, for you listening (dis)pleasure, are two tracks currently in heavy rotation:

Autechre: Bike

Can: Vitamin C


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