Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The "Pazz & Jop" Poll `04 results are in! :yaaaaaawn:

Now, I'm not usually a fan of music polls (unless it's spelled "poles" and there's a half naked stripper wrapped around it) but when I read that Matthew Perpetua @ www.fluxblog.com was invited to participate last year, I was curious to see how he voted and what the final results were. Well, what can I say? Besides being fairly predictable and begging for indie/street cred, they did include some bands that I whole-heartedly approve of such as The Killers, The Arcade Fire, A.C. Newman, Madvillain, Drive By Truckers, Elliott Smith, Scissor Sisters, The Walkmen, !!!, & The Finn Brothers. Wait a tic...who's really begging for the cred here? :shakeshead: Ok then, on to the results. Enjoy:



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