Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Came In Through An Open Window. Looking For An Open Mind.

I've been into reactions lately. Getting off on watching people search for a handle on the moment. While boozing it up with some friends on the Fourth of July, I slipped inside my abode and threw on Roland Orzabal's solo album Tomcats Screaming Outside. After the intial strains of music filtered into the humid evening, you could see our guests start to wonder. Where had they heard this before? And then it hit them. Tears For Fears. Yes! But wait, this is different. More modern sounding. Even though Orzabal took a slightly different turn with this album, the constant still remains. The voice. Warm. Welcoming. Like an old afghan that your grandmother made for you. The buzz you get after one too many shots of Jack. Or maybe just the solace of a comforting memory. For your listening (dis)pleasure:

Roland Orzabal: Ticket To The World

Roland Orzabal: Snowdrop

  • Roland Orzabal: Under Ether

  • Roland Orzabal: Low Life


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