Monday, January 17, 2005

Globes? We don't need no stinking globes!

Here, some scenes from the Globes:

• Said Robin Williams of the characteristic unpredictability of the evening: "I've been coming for 27 years. It's like wild-card night. There are always surprises." What makes it great: "It's not just the open bar. It's kind of wild. It's like foreplay for the Oscars."

• What makes the Globes different from other awards shows, said Virginia Madsen, from Sideways: "It's a very big deal, but it's also a party and people get really loaded, I must say."

• Raquel Welch walked into the ladies' room, where Hotel Rwanda's Sophie Okonedo was touching up her hairdo. Said Okonedo, "I'm just going to try to have a good time. If you told me at this time last year that I would be here, I would have told you to up the medication."

• Shatner was riding high from his win but played food critic: "The shrimp were a little soggy," he said backstage. And of his work: "Acting is a bit like being in a sandbox and getting to pretend again." THIS after he frenched his wife. Ewwww.

• The balcony overlooking the pool where smoking is permitted was the cool place to be. Spotted schmoozing and/or smoking: Okonedo, Kevin Spacey, Natasha Richardson, Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Weinstein and Johnny Depp.

• When asked about partying, Lost's Maggie Grace said before the show, "I have a feeling we're gonna be the bad kids who get put in the back of the class." Co-star Ian Somerhalder added, "Yeah, we get in lots of trouble in Hawaii," where Lost is filmed.

• Foxx had everyone in the house singing with him as he stood on stage after winning for Ray. When asked backstage how the Globe would affect his love life, he said, "I call it leverage. You know, when you're in a club and you ask a girl to dance, and she says no?" Foxx then lifted his Golden Globe. "You sure you don't wanna dance?"

• Winner Teri Hatcher, clutching her Golden Globe, thanked ABC, "a network that gave me a second chance at a career when I couldn't have been a bigger has-been."

•Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross was giddy not to be in character. "I am so excited I don't have to be Bree tonight. Bree would never wear this — too much cleavage."

• Marc Cherry, creator of the hit Housewives, brought his mother, Martha. When asked if he named the just-murdered character Martha Huber after his mom, he said, "Oh, of course, absolutely." Hey, a compliment's a compliment, right? Right?

• Annette Bening said it was "really fun" to be there. Later, when she won for Being Julia, she toasted herself before getting up to receive the award.

• Jeffrey Tambor, one of the stars from Arrested Development, said he loves the Globes. "They are relaxed and fun, not so buttoned up." He waved to Michael Chiklis from The Shield. "We have the same hair stylist." At that point, Chiklis came over and hugged Tambor, and they put their bald heads together.

• Nicole Kidman was spotted exiting the ladies' room with her sister, Antonia, a brown-haired version of the star. Asked who is taller, Kidman said, "We're both 5-feet-10-and-a-half." Whoop-edee fucking doo. Stepford wife.

• Natalie Portman, on winning an award for Closer, said from the stage to her director: "Mike Nichols, I love you. You're the nicest, smartest daddy, friend, rock star." Okaaaaay.

• Meryl Streep, presenting an award, got on stage and sniffed, "Congratulations, Natalie," and made a bunch of faces pretending anything but good wishes to the star who beat her performance in Manchurian Candidate.

• Glenn Close, after winning for The Lion in Winter miniseries, said from the stage: "Meryl, is it OK? Are we still friends?"

• "The Golden Globes are much more celebratory," said Laura Linney, comparing the night with other awards shows. "They serve alcohol all night, and that has a lot to do with it, honestly."

•Sideways star Sandra Oh proved that to be true. Oh walked around the ballroom with a bottle of Moët champagne in her hand. "You can't drink wine all the time. You've got to balance things off, especially when you are drinking every night like we did" during the filming of the wine-soaked movie.

• Joan and Melissa Rivers appeared to celebrate their new TV Guide Channel red-carpet gig by guzzling Moët. As the camera cut away from one shot, Joan took a big swig and even spilled it on her dress. Masks with Joan's face were circulating in the bleachers.

• Clint Eastwood made it a family affair. He brought wife Dina Ruiz, ex-partner Frances Fisher and daughters Kathryn, Alison and Francesca. What's the key to a happy family unit? "Lots of forgiveness and lots of love," Fisher said. A couple of mil in the bank don't hurt either.

• Schwarzenegger, with wife Maria Shriver, said, "The high point of the night has been seeing Clint win (best director). He has been my idol since I was a boy. I have seen Million Dollar Baby twice."

• Josh Brolin and Diane Lane strolled into the ballroom hand-in-hand. He was arrested last month for misdemeanor domestic battery after Lane called police, but she did not press charges
• Jason Bateman, after winning for Arrested Development, checked his pants, saying, "Fly is up."

• Jim Carrey, introducing Lorenzo Soria, joked about the power of the head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, saying, "He can put my table in the men's room."

• Sharon Warren from Ray was wearing a long wig: "I had a chemical misunderstanding, and before I did a Sinead O'Connor, I thought I would try some other options."

• Kathy Griffin, working the red carpet for E!, said, "I'm trying to get myself off the worst-dressed list." Sorry sweetie. Try harder next year.

• Christine Lahti said during a pre-show interview that husband Tommy Schlamme, producer of The West Wing and Jack and Bobby, was in the bar watching football. Good for him!

• David Cross from Arrested Development wore pearls with his tuxedo and carried the Book of Mormon. He joked, "These award shows can get kind of boring, so I brought something to read."

•Mary-Louise Parker showed up with old friend Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. Said Duritz: "She's here to introduce me to a lot of cute girls."

• Will Ferrell came on stage wearing an eye patch to present an award. "Rest assured the boating accident was not as bad as reported," he deadpanned. "I did not lose my eye, I just have to wear this for a couple of months." Then he donned glasses to read the cue card, making for a double sight gag.

• Lisa Ling asked Johnny Depp during NBC's pre-show if there was a role he always has dreamed of playing.
Depp's reply: "Mae West."


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