Thursday, January 06, 2005

If You're Bitter & You Know It Clap Your Hands!

Uncle Grambo is pissed! Czech it out:

"If there's one thing that your Uncle Grambo is sick of, it's Fucking Bloggers and their Fucking Top Ten lists. Wait, don't tell me, you really liked the Arcade Fire album! Get OUT, you should be an A&R person at fucking Sire! Fucking shock me shock me SHOCK ME with your deviant human behaviour! And you thought that Humble Rodent was the soundtrack for the summer? BAAAAAAA! But hold on a minute, Joanna "Don't Call Me Ozzie" Newsom and Devendra "The Dirty Hippie" Barnholio hit you so emotionally hard that you almost gave up the blow (key word being "almost")? What a buncha fucking geography students! Okay blogfuckers, we GET it. You all like the same music. As if anything could be more duhvs! If any of you had any balls, you would've given your number one to Damage Plan. "

link for more glorious accolades:

I still like my list though. Blogga at a brotha if you feel the same. Or even if you don't.


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